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Medical Grade Skin Care

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Alumier MD is a true professionally-dispensed medical-grade skincare brand dedicated to the latest advancements in Clean Science, and delivering therapeutic outcomes for patients presenting an array of skin conditions and concerns. Alumier MD was developed by a global team of scientists, dermatologists and leading industry professionals. Through advanced propriety chemistry, Alumier MD has optimised the bioavailability of each molecule in their ingredients and as a result their scientific formulations deliver exceptional results. 

As we age our skin cell turnover slows down and our fibroblasts decrease production of collagen and elastin. Retinol and peptides are essential to reverse the signs of ageing as they are the only two ingredients proven to stimulate fibroblasts. Every person's skin needs good skincare even if no pressing conditions are present. A daily broad spectrum sunscreen, antioxidant and gentle exfoliation will maintain beautiful complexion and delay the signs if visible ageing. 

Access to the full Alumier MD skincare range is available to all Sechi Skin Care customers following a comprehensive consultation with Pippa whereby a skincare plan is developed using correct formulations, crucial for optimal results. 

Homecare products and professional treatments work synergistically to improve the health and beauty of skin. Homecare products prepare your skin for professional treatments and then maintain the results post treatment. Professional treatments enhance the results of your home care products.

By combining your customized home care regimen with potent professional treatments, the result is radiant skin with improvements in tone, texture and the visible signs of ageing. 

The Radiance Collection (Kit)
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